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What qualities should you seek in your potential Advocate?

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The most important quality is that you should feel comfortable with your advocate. A comfortable and open relationship helps you share relevant information about your case honestly and completely. Without exhaustive detail, a lawyer is unable to assist you.

It’s not crucial to find a person who is an expert in your particular field, but it’s better if you find a person who is either specialized in your field or who has experience in the field that your problem is connected to. If you have a business related problem, its better to find a person who has specialization in business law rather than going for a person who has the maritime law as his/her specialization.


Make sure that the advocate is willing to understand your situation. Regardless of whether your case is large or small, the lawyer should understand what you expect from him and what your vision is for the future of your case.


You should look for a person who can make you understand every word he is speaking, and who uses a language that is easy for his clients to understand. You should look for someone else if the advocate is speaking in legal language and doesn’t bother to explain the terms. Recommendations for finding a good lawyer are difficult to come by; however, the following points might help you make an informed decision.


You should seek someone who is available to you when you need him. The advocate should be available for meetings at your convenience, not according to the advocates. He should respond quickly to emergency calls or messages.


It is important that your advocate be someone with whom you can get along. A good relationship will lead to a stronger relationship and better results in the future.


We have a clear and reasonable fee structure.

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