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About Life Bridge

Life Bridge is a Hyderabad based training company which focuses to enhance Value based education across Yuva India, We are a team of highly trained and skillful Professionals, with over 15+ years of International and Domestic expertise in Training and Development.The foundation of this organization was laid in 2014

Our core expertise are “Training and Development”, “Life Skills”, “Effective Communication” and “Value based Education” are among a few on list ,We have Tailor made professional trainings specially designed to meet the requirements of Children from 7th Standard and up to give them best value and learning’s. Our team will be more than happy to be of any assistance with reference to up-skilling the young “Next Gen kids” as we see a huge opportunity and knowledge gap in terms of Academics and Life Skills

In Class Training

How does it help Children

Our primary aim is to build effective Communication in Children from 7th Standard and Up. Enhance thinking ability in Children through Effective and customized value basedtrainings.We are working towards making children independent and self sufficient to manage their daily tasks and to Impart General Knowledge other than Daily Academics to up-skill children

Life Bridge Transforms individuals through Role Plays, Case Studies and Group Discussions, which would help students and working Professional in their future aspirations. Our passion is to Imbibe Discipline,Values, Morals through Activity based learning. Teaching Children the value of Social Responsibility, Health, Fitness. Helping them realize the value of Reading books to enhance their Reading and understanding abilities, Making individuals aware of the Impacts of high usage of Cell Phones, Social Media, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter

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Our Vision

To be the best Preferred Vendor for Training and Development in the region by delivering best knowledge, Values and Life Skills Trainings

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Our Mission

Our mission is to impart knowledge in Students which will help them enhance their Communication Skills, General Knowledge and Morals

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Core Values

Excellent Knowledge building, Imparting Social Responsibility, Best in Class Value Education, Effective Career Counseling to build stronger Yuva India

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Our Goal

Our Goal is to be competitive and able to penetrate across all schools, impart knowledge and be noted as one among the best in Life Skills and Value Education

Life Skill training company

Why Choose Life Bridge

Life Bridge is Life Skill training company that emphasizes in Training, Nurturing and hand holding the rising Stars from Standard VII and up.

Scale up career growth

Over 200+ professional customized trainings

Over 200+ professional customized Trainings to help Children, Teens and working Professionals to understand the difference between Life and Reality. These modules help every individual to scale up in their Career growth vertically and horizontally
Our Passion helps us drive every aspect of our trainings with immense energy, to bring out the best from every individual.

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Effective trainings

Unmatched expertise

Life Bridge has Unmatched Expertise and Activity Based Learning through Effective Trainings. Excellent Curriculum to impart Real life scenarios through Best Practice sharing, classified and detailed program provides every individual the edge to excel in Careers.

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Unique approach

Professional team of trainers

Our Professional team of Trainers use activity based learning to help smart kids, provide personalized attention to get the best from every individual. Reviewing Students Progress and bridging necessary gaps in understanding, backed with our Unique approach to imbibe Knowledge through Role Plays Group discussions and just perfect Video examples.

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Career counseling

Guiding in a correct direction

Life bridge also does effective Career Counseling for Children and working Professionals to guide them in a correct direction. This eliminates any negative influences and blockage of thought process, We strongly feel this is the need of the hour given the lack of guidance during their education, learning and Career progress.

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One of the best training companies

Our Passion helps us drive every aspect of our trainings with immense energy, to bring out the best from every individual. We aspire to become one of the best training companies across India and your support will be greatly appreciated

Student to Employee Transformation

Why Now

Life Bridge is a unique training program designed keeping in mind about the growing Talent, Competition and changing expectations across every industry. Rise in Communication demand as this seems to be a gap in Student to Employee transformation We Focus on Non Academic Value based Education considering most Parents now are focusing on building Value and Life Skills paralleled along with Education. We observed Lack of Proper Guidance, Nurturing and hand holding throughout the Child’s learning Process which poses potential threat to Yuva India

Some Reasons why we strongly feel Life Bridge’s inception will help all Children to help them believe their Inner Talent, Skill Sets in various fields.

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01Lack of Channelizing

Lack of Channelizing Thoughts at right times to help Children Students are too much into Cell Phones, Gaming, Face-book, Instagram, Twitter and other Social media

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02Managing Failure

Managing Failure is the need of the hour and cause of serious concern too as this poses as a major Threat in development of Children from 7th Standard and Up

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Lack of Focus on Health, Fitness, General Knowledge, Various Etiquettes like Dining, Telephone and Public Behavior

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04 Be-Aware

Unaware of Do’s and Don’ts at certain stages of Careers which may lead to De-Motivation or Negative Career impacts

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Life Bridge helps building confidence through real Life experiences so Children learn to be independent than being dependent

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06 Career Counseling

Career Counseling to help Children make Correct Decisions to help them achieve Goals and stay focused on their aspirations

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Partner with us
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Partnering with Educational Institutions

We invite any Educational institution to partner with us to make this program a successful one, This will be 100% value addition for Schools/Colleges and any institution which is a Training and Development vertical. Parents will be delighted as their kids will learn and master their skill sets through Life Bridge as we help Children to unlock their hidden talents. We will be a One stop solution for any Training related programs for Schools/Institutions.

We focus on Non Academic Education which seems to be extremely useful as the Student transform into working professionals in No time after their education. Life Bridge Emphasizes on critical and important aspects which are normally not covered in the academic Syllabus.Helping Children with Clarity of thoughts in terms of extra activities and robust Value based Knowledge transfer. This will always go as an add on to current system in imparting Life Skills and Trainings

Better results and reputation through Life Bridge training sessions which would help Students, Teachers, other Staff members and every individual who can enroll themselves for any listed trainings. We have a wide range of 200+ Professional Trainings to help you master the art of getting the best out of almost everyone

How does it help Students

Life Bridge provides Unmatched Expertise with Best-in-Class Trainings through its Excellent curriculum. This helps Children classify and de-classify their routine and Career planning as per their need. Our significant and detail trainings not only help Students manage their daily tasks with ease however makes them feel positive about the knowledge they gain and will attain immense potential too

Students can find us as One Stop solution for all Non Academic Training needs to assist in Career guidance and making some of the critical Life decisions. Over 150+ Professionally designed trainings to match Students requirement. Activity based trainings to help them easily understand the concepts. Life Bridge would help Children to Un-tap their Unique skill set which will enhance further, Students do not have to enroll anywhere else as these trainings will be held at their own School Campus, this will save loads of time so they can learn and have fun too during after School /College hours.

Our 24/7 Student/Career support from some of the finest Life Skill Coaches can help Children in making complex decisions and bridge any gaps between Parents, Teachers, School Management or any external body with reference to their Training, Learning and Development,


We specialize in various Personal and Professional Development Trainings which will enhance an individual’s ability

Personality Development, Spoken English, HR- Training and Development, Communication Skills, Life Skills, Student's Edition, Corporate Essentials, Sports, Health and Fitness, General Knowledge and Value Based Education

Other Professional Services include: Resume Writing, Interview Assitance, Best Practice Sharing on various Corporate Veriticals, Career Counseling, Awareness on Social Media & Social Responsibility, Lifestyle and Etiquette,

Spoken English

English is the most widely spoken language in the World. Spoken English is one quintessential skill that not only instills confidence but also sets you up for success abroad as well as in India.

HR Training and Development

The true asset of any organization are their employees. Fortunately, Life Bridge can accelerate the learning curve to enable you to value and enagage your most priced possession;


English, they say is a very unique language because it has more rules than exceptions. The school curriculum is never going to be geared towards attaining mastery at grammar.

Career Counseling

Choosing a suitable career begins with evaluating all the viable career options. Successful careers dont happen by accident, they have to be meticulously planned and immacutately executed

Interview Skills

It is believed that for every job posting there are about 700 applicants. To succeed in such cut throat competition there has to be a rigorous focus. Unfortunately, which is not possible in the schools


"Sports not only reveal character but also build it". Virtues like grit, determination and hardwork are inculcated and developed through Sports and helps deal with the day-to-day stress of our lives.

General Knowledge

"A person who is universally interested becomes universally interesting".General knowledge not only allows you to broaden your thinking but also deepens your thought process.

Personality Development

Personality plays a key role in defining the success of a person. Unfortunately, no one is born with it: personality has to be developed and groomed to achieve the best version of one's self.


In today’s hi-tech world, the modes of communication have multiplied many fold. It becomes imperative to focus not only on the message but also the mode of delivery. which has to be impressive

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